Acupuncture 08831: we are in Network with: Horizon, United, Aetna insurances. 

We work for You: Acupuncture 08831 - Certified Acupuncture in Monroe Township NJ 

1989 Englishtown Rd., Monroe Township, NJ 08831.
Text me please for appointment: (908) 492-1457.
We are in Network with Horizon, United, Aetna, US Family Health (Military), AmeriHealth.

What does Acupuncture KYI treats?

Neck pain
Upper back pain
Lower back pain
Pinched nerve
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis

Disk herniation
Spinal stenosis
Hip and Shoulder pain
Knees and elbows pain
Hands and legs numbness
Piriformis syndrome

Anxiety and Stress
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Mayofacial Pain Syndrome (MPS)
Tennis or Golfer elbows
Tension headache and Migraines
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Sciatica and Cervicalgia
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Swollen Ankles. Oedema.

Leonid Belenitsky, M.S., L.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate.

Acupuncture 08831 in Monroe Township NJ.

Your Acupuncture solution for Pain and Suffering.
Text for Session: (908) 492-1457. Leon.
Leonid Belenitsky,  M.S.,  L.Ac.,  NCCAOM Diplomate.

During Acupuncture session we working with:
- acupuncture specific meridian area Palpation with Deep Tissue Massage technique;
- Tsubo-activation of acupuncture local points;
- myofascial release of acupuncture tendino-muscular meridians area; 

- Shiat-Su acupuncture points sedation or tonification;
- acupuncture for all 24 Health Issues above on this page;
- scalp and ear acupuncture; 

- Yuan points energy activation;
- eight principles of acupuncture treatment; meditation technique; stress relaxation therapy.
Esteem and Cupping. Inversion table and Massage Gravity chair.

Every Acupuncture Patient gets personal Therapist attention 30 min hands on with DIFFICULT manual work.

One Patient - 45 min total session.
VIP acupuncture available  - 60 min Advance session.
VIP acupuncture for Executive level on the page (scroll down).

Please, understand we are NOT salon - or luxury SPA - not hot island resort.
VIP acupuncture means hard, not (never) covered by insurance, manual therapeutic work with acupuncture points and acupuncture meridians.
VIP Acupuncture Monroe Township NJ means spending time with every each patient one by one with therapist. 

From 30 min "hands on" to 90 min (VIP acupuncture Monroe NJ) and 120 min "hands on" (VIP Executive Level Acupuncture Monroe Township NJ).

Ready to book Appointment? Text me: (908) 492-1457.
Answering time: 2-4 h's.

Acupuncture - Certified, Licensed, Insured by American Acupuncture Council.  

NJ Acupuncture License # 25MZ00078700.
The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine # 111682.

State of New Jersey - Department of Treasury - Reg. Certificate #160245.

National Provider Identification (NPI) # 122 533 2828.
Acupuncture KYI Group NPI # 1710300389.

The Policy which covers Potential Difficulties in Acupuncture 08831 - Monroe Township NJ for 2023.

Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute, LLC policy.

1- We work with every each Patient 30 min with full "Patient - Therapist" attention. Not 5 min - not 10 or 15 min - we do full 30 min attention to you. Hands on. 
2- You will get experience "How to be the One" and "Feel the One". Even with Regular Structure Acupuncture Monroe NJ session. But, its business. Please understand.
3- We are In-Network with Insurances. Please check if your plan covers Acupuncture service's. 

We are In Network with United Health Care (Choice Plus); Horizon BCBS (EPO, PPO, NJ Educators, NJ Direct); Aetna (12/15/2023), AmeriHealth (some plans).

4- We are NOT in-Network with Medicare or Medicaid. But some Medicare Advantage plans paid for 10 sessions a year for Lower Back Pain with Out-of-Network.

5- When our Patients very confident about Health Insurance Out-of-Network reimbursement, they pay us for service. After weekend we give to the client all printed claims with Medical notes (takes 3-5 days).
6- If you really have the insurance coverage for Acupuncture, but insurance not paid for six last sessions - we suggest to take a break (wait until insurance paid), or pay us out of pocket, if you desperately want to continue.  

7- Your Health Insurance card shows Co-Pay amount for Specialty. Please, pay your Co-Pay before session starts. Same for Deductible. 

Basic Philosophy with Differentiated on view of Structure of  the Treatment Session. 

8- We use Palpation as the Method "to know more about patients state of health". Your therapist needs to feel: Back muscular tension, neck Arthritis, ankle swollenness.
9- The Therapist works with One Patient only during session. Therapist NEVER does two or three patients at the same hour.
10- After 30 min personal attention to the patient with hands on (or before session), therapist makes medical notes - during patient relaxation - its part of treatment.

11- Your health insurance plan can support 1-2-3 sets of needles. One set - 15 min of acupuncture treatment with one or more needles. Please, check before what your specific plan covers. If your EOB shows ONLY ONE SET covers - it means 15 min of the Therapist attention. 

12- For PIP or Car accident - we accept out-of-pocket full (per session) payment and (after weekend, or 3-5 days) we give you Medical notes with Billing paperwork - you submit.